Time to give this blog thing the college try

Hi all. My name is Tim Notes and this is my blog. I’ve been following a lot of good blogs for a long time, and I’ve been thinking about doing some writing of my own for a while, so I thought why not? And here we are.


A little bit about me:


I’ve been working in construction for over 15 years now, focusing mainly on deck building. My dad was an all around handyman, so anytime anything wasn’t working right around the house, he’d sit down with it, take it apart, thoroughly examine the components, make notes, then finally get the necessary tools, equipment, parts, before making the fixes.


I was fascinated by the whole process, and I’d sit down with him and watch and ask questions. He was pretty patient I gotta say, didn’t mind telling me what each part was, walking me through what wasn’t working and why he thought so. He’d hand me the pieces, let me feel them as he explained what it was and what it did and how it could break. Eventually I’d get to help fix things around the house with him, and sometimes even help diagnose the problem itself.


So this was my education and my introduction to the world that would eventually become my career and my passion. Now I’m fortunate enough to have a son who seems to share the same interests, and now that he’s old enough, he even accompanies me on my construction projects when he’s available, proven himself on multiple occasions to be on his way to becoming a capable craftsman himself.

So this blog is for anyone else who’s fascinated in craftsmanship, the process of building, repairing, learning how things work, working and re-working strategies, challenges, and sometimes, of course, just showing off a job well-done.

Ipe deck with bench

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