Monthly Archive: August 2015

It’s been a while…

I guess I got so wrapped up in all my work that I failed to realize that I haven’t sat down at the computer and hammered out any recent blog posts about for my site.  Summer is in full swing and I’ve been so backed up with deck building that I haven’t even given scarcely a thought to blogging.  It seems like my evenings have been filled with spending time with the kiddos since they’ve been home all summer and I’ve been so busy hammering away during the day.

I find that I my to do list someone increases exponentially during the summer.  I’m not certain if it has anything to do with the fact that I’m not as ambitious to tackle it after putting in a long day’s work, or, if I happen to spend more time cleaning up after the kids since they are home with their mother all day?  In either case, I am certain that my kids would play outside until the sun set every day if I would let them.  I remember when I was a kid and the summers seemed to last forever.  Oh, how I long for much simpler times…

Anyways, I feel that we have been fortunate so far this year.  It seems that the sweltering hot and humid days have yet to descend upon us.  Which, is good for those who make their living outside in the summer.  I’ll have to say that I feel I’ve been much more productive compared to other summers.  I know that every year of experience gained by both myself and the crews who work for me brings about efficiency.  But, being able to work without fear of overheating has been such a welcome change thus far.

That’s not to say that we haven’t had our fair share of issues.  Several weeks ago, we had some serious super cells roll through.  I was working on a beautiful two-level Ipe deck near a massive oak tree when a massive front came in.  It brought about wind gusts in excess of 70mph and large hail.  That massive oak split right down the middle and came crashing down on the deck I was constructing and slammed into the homeowner’s house ripping a hole right in the middle of the roof above the living room.  What a mess!

Rain and hail pummeled their living room after the ceiling was exposed to the elements.  Thankfully for me, the majority of the deck I was building was spared, and I’m glad that no one was injured.  I had the difficult task of calling the homeowner to give them the report on their house as they were away at work when everything went down.

Dude couldn’t have taken it any better.  I was amazed.  He said he would get right on the phone with Allied Insurance and he’d have a claims adjuster there ASAP.

I swear no more than 30 minutes could have passed and a Ford Flex emblazoned with Allied Insurance logos rolled up.  Jason, the Allied adjuster, hopped out of his car with a smile on his face.  Two minutes later and a roofing contractor was on the scene.  They briefly chatted with each other and got out an extension latter to check out the roof.

Fifteen minutes go by and a tree service company arrives with a large boom.  The crew has a little meet and greet session.  Strangely, they all seemed to know each other.  (Must not be the first time something like this has happened).

The tree guys get to work removing the oak from the roofline by using their boom truck, chainsaws, and a crane.  I started directing the other guys in the crew with the removal of the large limbs that hit the deck I was building.  Everything was almost surgical the way it all came together.

Once the tree was removed from the roof, the roofer put up a temporary patch and said he was going on a supply run now that he knew everything he needed to put it all back together.

While he was gone, a local West Des Moines carpet cleaning company showed up.  The owner, Jeff, was absolutely hilarious.  What a cool cat!  I think he would actually have a future in the stand up comedy scene.  He said that he’d been in business 30+ years and he has worked with Jason numerous times on jobs just like this.

Jeff got to work extracting the rainwater from the carpet in the living room using his truck mounted system.  What a beast!  Then, he went through the process of pulling the carpet back, removing the pad below, and drying the subfloor with some giant air movers.  Once everything was all set up, Jeff just hung out and shot the bull because he said that, “he couldn’t rush time.”  Makes sense, he just had to wait for everything to dry.

We started talking and it turns out that he had been putting off his own deck rebuild because he had been so busy.  He loved the look of the Ipe deck I was constructing and we exchanged info and set a time to do a consult on his deck.

That’s just how business goes sometimes.  Word of mouth travels fast and most contractors easily recognize good work when they see it.

What started as a good day and turned somewhat disastrous, ended up ending on a good note for all involved.  There was still more work to be done, but that’s for another day and another blog post.  Actually, on second thought, why bore you with all the details.

Big ol fella